Friday, September 24, 2010

Singular Myths for a Friday Night

Found an interesting short piece on myths about being single.  Of course, single is not the same as celibate, but I think most people assume the same things are true of celibate people because we are usually single.  It's worth a read.
"Have you heard that single people are miserable and lonely and die alone in their empty apartments where they are eaten by their cats? That’s what I heard, too. So I set out to discover the truth of these matters. Guess what? It is not just the cat thing that’s a myth. All of those insulting claims about the lives of single people are wrong, wrong, wrong! Here’s a rundown of the myths I found while looking at the reality of being unattached today." 
- Dr. Bella DePaulo
This author wrote a book I was looking at purchasing a while back when I was really poor and not working two jobs.  It's still on my list, but I have a good one about reinventing celibacy in the church that is definitely ahead on the queue (which I might next be able to start seriously addressing in late December).

Some of the myths they discuss deal with happiness, solitude, isolation, longevity, self-centeredness, health, and finances.  It's hardly a well-supported dissertation, but it's food for thought.

If you pop over to read it, please pop back in and let me know which rebuttals you were most surprised about (and which ones you think were iffy).


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