Friday, October 22, 2010

Hi, I'm X, and I'm an object of God's wrath!

Lately in our church small group, we've been talking about God's righteous judgement, why we deserve His wrath, and all manner of things that are not cheerful.  However, I don't find these topics to be downers.  I find that they fill me with incredible gratitude, like that prodigal son who came back hoping to be mistreated as a servant and didn't get what he deserved.  This is what God offers all of us, what He loved each of us enough to die for.

This is grace, and it shines so brightly in a world fallen into darkness.

"Where the judgment of God is, that is where the mercy of God abides, and where our hope becomes manifest. We stand before God together in both judgment and grace."  - Mark Galli

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