Friday, November 19, 2010

Melodrama for the brokenhearted

I was thinking about a friend I had once.  I saw a show recently and wanted him to see it because he's the only one among that particular group of friends who can really appreciate a good melodrama.  I also thought of him because my employer is hiring people in his field, and I wondered if he was looking for a job.  I got all excited for a moment, thinking how great it would be if he moved out here.

Then I remembered.

Oh, yeah.  He fell in love with me once.  And I had to break his heart.  For some reason, he doesn't keep in touch anymore.

So that's why I can't recommend the show and why I have no idea whether he's looking for a job and why he is a stranger now. 

It doesn't seem fair that I broke his heart, and mine hurts, too.  What separates drama from melodrama?


  1. It isn't fair being left feeling like you're a horrible person for doing what you believed was right... and having no real closure, or the kind of forgiveness that you want from someone who was a close friend, or even the chance to be sure they understand why you did what you did.

    Is melodrama the kind of thing where there's too much plot and not enough character development? Breaking someone's heart can be like that.