Sunday, July 28, 2013

You need to take control of your personal health record now

You need to take control of your personal health record now (before it gets/especially if it's complicated).

Yes, it is a total pain to track down records from providers, and some of them won't have the records you need because they moved and lost them or there was a fire or they just toss them after a certain period of time.  And if you don't have any chronic medical problems, you may not really need to, but if you do have some chronic medical problems or a history of injuries and illnesses, it might really be good to gather things while you are still relatively healthy.  (Age will likely not make you healthier.)  If you do have chronic conditions or a long history, it will be even more nightmarish to track down and organize all this information, but it is such a good idea to have it collected and tabbed and available electronically.  In case of emergency, you don't want to be given a med you have a bad reaction to.  In case of regular life happening unexpectedly, you don't want to have to be hunting this stuff down when you are hurting and not at your mental best. 

My advice: Just bite the bullet and do it now.  It can't hurt, and it CAN help.

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