Sunday, July 28, 2013

I am a spreadsheet nerd

I am a spreadsheet nerd.  And I like it.  

Love it, actually.  Practical application of skills!  I looked at PHR templates and options.  (Not for long, because I didn't have time for that.)  I saved and printed some out to look at.  I wanted something electronic and easily printable.  I ended up finding these two things to be mutually exclusive.  I wanted something flexible, and nothing I found really met my needs as a not-actually-elderly person.  So I made my own.

Lots of trial and error.  Some combining and recombining, a few views, and voila!  After only 60+ hours I had gathered and boiled down a box full of medical records into something convenient, filterable, sortable, printable, copyable, and able to be shaded and updated at my whim.  Not that anyone has really wanted to look at it, but that's not its fault . . .

My advice: Make a PHR and commit to keeping it updated.  Do it using whatever programs, pre-existing forms, and storage methods make the most sense to you.  Do it now, before your life and the lives of your loved ones get complicated.  It's kind of a spiritual exercise to get it ready.  And you probably won't have as many records to deal with, so it won't take you as long as it took me . . .

If you'd like a blank version of the one I use, let me know.  I can certainly send it to you if you use Microsoft Excel or compatible things.

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